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Sara Williams publishes in Ecclesial Practices

FPE Board Member Sara Williams published “The Way of the Cross in the Ordinary: Ethnographic Attention to the Good as Invitational Ethics” in Ecclesial Practices in June of 2021.

Here’s an abstract of the piece:

This essay develops the idea of ‘invitational ethics,’ engagement with ethnographic description as normative praxis. I argue that by attending to ways in which people exercise practical wisdom in ordinary moments, the ethnographer and reader alike are invited to engage their own processes of ethical self-making. I draw on ethnographic fieldwork with the Way of the Cross for Justice, an annual Good Friday public liturgy in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a site for invitational ethics in the frame of what anthropologist Joel Robbins has called an ‘anthropology of the good.’ I conclude by reflecting on how this invited me to engage my own ethical self-making.

Congrats, Sara! Find her article here.

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