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Stephanie Thurston publishes in the collected volume Everyday Ethics

FPE Executive Director Stephanie Thurston published her chapter “Engaging the everyday in womanist ethics and Mujerista theology” in Everyday Ethics in October of 2019.

As Thurston describes it, her chapter:

encourages readers to view [Michael] Banner’s important work as a contribution to a rich corpus on the everyday, the roots of which, I contend, are exemplified in the early works of womanist ethicist Katie Cannon and the mujerista theologian Ada María Isasi-Díaz … a deeper engagement with marginalized strands of the tradition that have been attending to the everyday for decades, and that ushered in this ethnographic turn, could be a further boon to the broader field as it continues to explore what is at stake in attending to the everyday.

Congrats, Stephanie! Get the book from Georgetown Press here.

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