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Kyle Lambelet publishes ¡Presente!

Kyle Lambelet published his first book, ¡Presente!: Nonviolent Politics and the Resurrection of the Dead, with Georgetown University Press in early 2020.

The following is a precis of the book:

¡Presente! develops a lived theology of nonviolence through an extended case study of the movement to close the School of the Americas (also known as the SOA or WHINSEC). Specifically,it analyzes how the presence of the dead—a presence proclaimed at the annual vigil of the School of the Americas Watch—shapes a distinctive, transnational, nonviolent movement. Kyle B.T. Lambelet argues that such a messianic affirmation need not devolve into violence or sectarianism and, in fact, generates practical reasoning.

By developing a messianic political theology in dialogue with the SOA Watch movement, Lambelet’s work contributes to Christian ethics as he explores the political implications of the resurrection of the dead. This book contributes to studies of strategic nonviolence and civil resistance by demonstrating how religious and moral dynamics remain an essential part of such struggles.

Congrats, Kyle! The book is available for purchase from Georgetown here.

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