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December 14 Announcement from FPE President Hilary Scarsella

Given ongoing public health concerns, we have decided not to hold our usual, in-person, early summer symposium this academic year. However, we know that being together is important. The opportunity for meaningful personal and professional connection is central to what many value about FPE. With this in mind, with a desire not to miss two full years of in-person programming if at all possible, and maintaining public health as an ongoing priority, we are exploring options for a brief, modified in-person meeting on the front end of AAR/SBL 2021 or SCE 2022.

In addition, we are planning to organize and offer digital ways for members to connect through the 2021 calendar year. The two digital opportunities in which members expressed the most interest were opportunities for writing accountability and opportunities to participate in member-facilitated collaborative workshops on topics relevant to current needs. We plan to launch both in the new year.

More detailed information on the collaborative workshops will be coming in January. However, in recognition that the new year is often a time when folks have renewed energy for writing, we want to start the process of organizing writing accountability groups now so that those who want to start meeting in January will have the opportunity to do so.

Our broad vision for writing accountability groups is that each group will meet regularly, on a schedule of its own choosing, to check in about members’ progress and to invite each member to articulate their writing goals between meetings. Beyond this, we encourage groups to organically shape themselves according to the needs and preferences of their members. In other words, signing up to be a part of a writing accountability group is a commitment to the following:

  • Meet regularly, on a schedule decided by group members.
  • Share your writing goals and progress.
  • Hear and invest in the success of group members as they share their writing goals and progress.
  • Negotiate with your group whether there are other ways you want to support each other.

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