Had hoped to enjoy the first panel on my (forthcoming) book “Modern Virtue: Mary Wollstonecraft and a Tradition of Dissent” in Italy. Glad it worked out virtually. Thanks to @JetlaggedWriter, @stewartkroeker, Anne Guillard and Jenny Leith, for excellent papers! #Covidfinallygotme

“It may be that we have to risk losing our faith—giving up our sacred cows and our debilitating attachments to them—to gain a more suitable vision for recreating a more inhabitable world.” Xavier Pickett on George Shulman’s political theology lectures 1/2 https://politicaltheology.com/whats-faith-got-to-do-with-it-reflections-on-george-shulmans-political-theology/

“I really want students to see that the questions of ethics are questions we don’t ask alone.” Washington Magazine takes a deep dive into @fanniebialek’s class, “The Good Life Between Religion and Politics.” https://bit.ly/3yaPvBr

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